Head Bolts clamp down a cylinder head with more than 150,000 lbs of force. Rely only on bolts you can trust.

Magnum’s offering of OE quality head bolt sets for thousands of the most popular vehicles on the road, creates a win-win situation for Magnum resellers and installers. For resellers, Magnum cylinder head bolts represent a natural add-on sale to complement Magnum’s top-quality cylinder head gaskets and head sets. For the installer, Magnum head bolts are like low-cost insurance against comebacks from a major engine repair.

With the introduction of “torque-to yield” head bolts in the early ‘90s, replacing head bolts whenever a new head gasket is installed, changed from being a “good practice” to a “necessity” because factory-installed bolts were intentionally stretched beyond the point of permanent distortion.  Magnum continues to recommend more strongly than ever that conventional head bolts be replaced on pre-1990 engines because of the extensive corrosion, wear and re-use they have experienced in many years of service.

Magnum head bolt sets have an easily recognized “HB” part number prefix to prevent confusion with any other hardware offered by Magnum. Each box contains all the bolts, and washers if required, to service one cylinder head. This often includes two or more sizes of head bolts, as dictated by the engine design.

“DO’s & DON’Ts” of head bolds

  • DO follow manufacturer’s specifications for torque wrench reading and tightening sequence.
  • Don’t install cylinder heads without a torque wrench.
  • DO lightly lubricate non-coated bolts with motor oil, including under the bolt heads.
  • DO add a dab of non-hardening gasket scaler on non-coated head bolts that enter the engine’s water jacket.
  • DON’T ever use RTV silicone on head bolts.
  • DO replace torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts with new bolts.
  • DON’T re-use conventional bolts if they are pitted or rusted.