At the Heart of the Engine… Magnum Cylinder Head Gaskets.

Head gaskets have one of the toughest jobs and most important roles on an engine. Only world-class designs, premium materials and precision manufacturing can handle the task. That’s what you can count on with Magnum cylinder head gaskets. As domestic and import engines have evolved from heavy cast iron designs to high-revving lightweight aluminum constructions, head gasket design and sophistication has grown to handle the task. Magnum supplies the most cost-effective gasket construction that will offer premium performance for every generation of engine.

Magnum head gaskets cover the most popular, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi cars and light trucks on the road, and the lineup continues to grow. Durable, visible packaging protects and displays the quality features of Magnum Head Gaskets.

“DO’s & DON’Ts”
of head gaskets

  • DO examine the used gasket being removed for indications of burn through, leakage or improper torquing that may need to be addressed in the preparation for the new installation.
  • DO follow manufacturer’s specifications for torque readings and sequence.
  • DO follow any directional markings on the gasket during installation.
  • Don’t use sealer on any Magnum Cylinder Head Gaskets.
  • DO check cylinder head and block for flatness and surface finish – especially critical on late model MLS gasket applications.